I’ve Been Talking About it…Now, Here It Is!!

By: tutticooks

Oct 05 2010

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I’ve finally done it. I’ve gone and gotten myself a blog. I’ve been thinking about it and then thinking about thinking about it, but now that I am departing for Italy in a little under two weeks, it’s time to get this bad boy rollin’

For those of you who have known me longer than five minutes, a trip to Italy is a BIG DEAL for me. The fact that I will be able to merge my work life and personal life into a trip of a LIFE-time is really fantastic. Oh, I know, you’re sitting there thinking “wow, nice life. I wish *I* was going to Italy…” I know what you mean. I was that person just a few short months ago. But then, opportunity knocked. And I walked through the door.

But more on that in the future…

This blog will be christened as my friend Andrea and I travel through six cities and four regions of Italy. We arrive in Venice on October 18th and depart Naples on October 31st. I want to tell you about all of it, but, unlike Aunt Vappy and Uncle Morton’s vacation slides from their six weeks in Pocatello, Idaho, I will *not* be putting you through the regular stuff. I will be writing about food. It’s what I’m passionate about. How it’s made, where it comes from, how people gather to enjoy it–that sort of thing. And, if you have any interest in Italian food, well, why not come along with me?


2 comments on “I’ve Been Talking About it…Now, Here It Is!!”

  1. Joan,

    I love the fact that you started your blog–way to go!!! I’m proud of you and I’m looking forward to reading it as you travel. Now, I need to get off my duff and start blogging.

    Debby Sutherland

  2. Joan;
    You almost had me making reservations to come along …

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