No, I Haven’t Forgotten You…

By: tutticooks

Oct 30 2010

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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, and I do apologize! We had various technical and scheduling issues that conspired to prevent me from writing, but I do have many thoughts and pictures to share with you over the coming weeks, even after I get home!!

Trying to continue in chronological order, the next trip after Venice was our Travel Trade Italy Trade Fair. This was an event in Rimini, where travel professionals met with all manner of Tour Operators, Hotels, Spas and a lot more. Andrea and I met a ton of people and made some great contacts. Our purpose? To hit the ground running with plans for our tour.

We are putting together a cooking tour, scheduled for May of 2011, which will span several cities and regions. It’s going to be a great time, and we’re really excited about it. We’ll be working with specialists in each area to set up tours, cooking classes and tons of activities for our clients. I will have more details as we iron them out, and will want to share everything with you, so stay tuned!

More will come, along with pictures. Arrivaderci for now!!


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