Let’s Talk Food!

By: tutticooks

Nov 07 2010

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:DiMAGE G600

A beautifully grilled piece of Tuna!! Yum! And no garlic in sight!

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So, enough about how wonderful my experience of Italy was, what you want to know about is the FOOD. So let’s go!

Here’s something that surprised me. I do not recall having ANY dish in all of Italy in which I could taste garlic. Very strange when you consider that most American Italian food has garlic–and LOTS of it! Not only that, it wasn’t until I moved to the south of Italy that included basil, either. The lack of those ingredients really surprised me. One of my cooking instructors, Katie Coleman (an AWESOME chef, btw!) said that she thought Americans were way too heavy on garlic in their dishes, and she was right!

The first night I was in Venice, I sampled my friend Giorgia’s tonna dish (tuna). I think they called it “tonna pinnagiuala”. It was prepared with salt, pepper, olive oil and grilled, then finish with parsley. I’ve never tasted anything so beautiful! It was light, flavorful, and heavenly. But, I confess, if I had made it, I would have garlicked the heck out of it! What a lesson!

So, the next time you’re reaching for the clove of G, try just some salt and pepper instead. See if it doesn’t bring out the natural flavor in your food. And write me back about your experiment!


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