Are You Ready for Some Feasting?

By: tutticooks

Nov 18 2010

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Turkey, n. A large bird whose flesh when eaten on certain…anniversaries has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude.  Incidentally, it is pretty good eating. ”  ~Ambrose Bierce

Here’s the part of our blogging program where we divert from our ruminating about food and ingredients to some practicality.

Thanksgiving is ONE week from today.  Yes, kids, seven short days.  Are you ready? 

If not, maybe I can help.   Some people call me a space cowboy, some a turkey whisperer.  You be the judge.  All I know, is that I’ve shared these tips over the years and they seem to go over well.  I hope it will be the same for you.  Feel free to check out my entire “Check List for the Perfect Holiday Meal” on my website (

Plan your menu, review your notes from last year (if you don’t have any, start this year!

Make a complete shopping list.  If you can, break up your shopping over several trips.  If not, be sure to check for coupons.

Consider roasting a turkey and just a large turkey breast, if your family prefers white meat.  Or, just do the breast.

Make the following dishes the night before.  It’s far easier to reheat them and will save you time and the messy kitchen on meal day:
  Green bean or any other casserole
  Sweet potatoes, especially baked
  Mashed potatoes (if you like them as leftovers, they’ll taste just fine on the table)
  Your stuffing recipe (NOTE: DO NOT STUFF until just before you put the turkey in the oven)
  All pies or baked desserts

Set the table and set out all serving dishes and utensils the night before.  This will ensure you can find everything and if it doesn’t match, you’ll have time for Plan B.

Consider oven real estate!!  You’ll need to stagger your baked items, especially if they cook at different temperatures.
(I have leveraged my neighbor’s oven on more than one occasion, which is fine, because he always joins us, anyway!)

Pre-plan and have a check list of tasks that guests can do for you.  Getting drinks, setting out appetizers, etc. etc.  This will help them to feel as if they are assisting you and you won’t be stuck trying to think of what you need done at a crucial time in your cooking process.

And, finally, sit down and have a lovely glass of wine.  You’ve earned it!

Please also see my facebook fan page ( for additional tips on gravy, roasting, brining, and carving your turkey).

Ciao for now!


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