‘Tis (Now) the Season…Warm Your Home with Friends and Family

By: tutticooks

Dec 02 2010

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"Entertaining is easy if you remember to keep it simple!"

Well, it’s official.  The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been lit and we watched “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” on network television last night.  Every year it seems to come up on us so quickly…we barely finish the Thanksgiving leftovers and we’re presented with the holiday happenings.

So, here I am to help you navigate through the parties, the mayhem and of course–the FOOD! 

Let me encourage you to be like our ancestors of old and warm your home with friends and family over a table of yummy snacks and wine or sparkling beverages.  Light the candles, throw caution to the wind, open your fridge and get creative!  Invite someone over for a cup of cheer.  Don’t worry about the vacuuming (keep the room dark and no one will notice), the allergies to your pets (benadryl works wonders) or cleaning the house (just a guest bathroom will do!).  Have that last-minute party or gathering and warm your home in the chilly weather.  Begin in December, but take it through the whole season.  It’s the way our ancestors in Europe and the Viking lands stayed alive and I think there’s still a message for us today.

So, what to serve?  Stay tuned…I’ll have ideas aplenty in further posts!!


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