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By: tutticooks

Jan 20 2011

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Focal Length:8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:DiMAGE G600

Hello, again!

So, this intrepid cook is always looking for an excuse to TALK, especially about FOOD, and when a local public radio station approached me for an interview last December, of course I said YES!  They couldn’t have been more helpful with this first-timer to radio, and it all went very well.  So well, in fact, that I was asked to do a series of weekly spots which begin to air this week.  

Seems simple, right?  I get four minutes and thirty seconds of air time to talk about food.  Okay so, this is me, we’re talking about.  I’m ne-vah at a loss for words.  I even had a plan for the first four segments, based on some YouTube videos I’d already recorded.  But to watch me last week as I agonized over these scripts, you’d think I was penning the Declaration of Independence!  Ugh!

Still, a little bit of focus, and reading out loud and it all seemed to come together, at least from the standpoint of the scripts. 

So, it’s the night before I’m due to record and I have very little voice (due to a cold that’s hung on for three weeks) and the little demon that sits on your shoulder –you know the one, the nasty  little bugaboo that takes all the wind out of your sails by speaking your deepest fears into your ear sotto voce? –decided to come out and play.  “What if you say something that’s wrong.  Can you be sued?”  or “In what alternative reality do you live in which you can call yourself an expert on ANYTHING?” 
Ooh, I hate that!

Luckily, I got some help from somewhere else, because I got calls from a couple of trusted friends in whom I could confess my jitters, and they reminded me it was all going to be fine.

Here I am in the studio at KSER-FM.


And it was.  More to come…

Oh, and by the way, if you want to hear the spots, or read the scripts, check it out here:


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