Radio Gaga, part deux

By: tutticooks

Jan 27 2011

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Focal Length:8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:DiMAGE G600

I arrived, with my BIG GULP-sized mug of herb tea and scripts in hand, and we began.  My producer, Sondra, explained all that I needed to know and pointed out the “magic microphone”.  A dandy little helper, which made my voice sound very nearly “normal” (for those of you who are about to comment, let’s just say it’s as reasonable an approximation as one can get from yours truly!!).

Here I am at work, recording my radio spots...KSER-FM 90.7


We taped the first four segments,  and true father’s daughter that I am, we did them in just one run-through.   Permit me to say that we knocked ‘em out of the park!

So, will the phone lines light up on Thursday?  Who’s to say?  But radio can help me connect with more people than I could ever chat up in person.  And, I really think I could help answer some questions.  Do I have all the answers?  No way.  But as long as people keep asking, I’ll keep talking. 

And no, that’s not a threat!  Ar-ar!

And speaking of my father, well…stay tuned.  There’s more to come on that subject in my next post.

Want to listen to the radio spots?  Read the scripts?  Go to my website:

And why not come visit me in person at Le Gourmet Depot in Snohomish?  I’m there every Tuesday night!  Ciao!


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