A New Media Maven…hmmm.

So, a lot of my friends tease me about being the next Food Network Star, to which I generally respond, only if the show is completely jumping the shark and I’m competing with Lisa Rinna and Kaeto Kaelin will that EVER happen!  Please keep this in mind when you read this post, because I am NOT–repeat NOT–trying out for a cooking-based reality show!

I am, however, a realist, and at the tender age of 39 (who said that?! I am not lying!) I could teach classes to 20 people 4 times a day for 52 weeks a year and still not come close to the power of the Internet and Social Media.  So, if I feel passionately about good food made with good ingredients and making cooking techniques simple for everyone, I need to jump on the Social Media Bandwagon.

And so it was, that on a Monday afternoon, I met Kim and Tim Griffis of Northwest Video Edge http://www.northwestvideoedge.com/index to shoot the first in a series of How To videos for Tutti.  We met at the store where I teach http://www.legourmetdepot.com/ and had full use of the space, since the store was closed that day.

Let me just say right off the bat that if any of you out there are thinking of breaking into reality tv, you had better get a decent agent, one who can negotiate things for you…like a staff.  Doing a home-grown series of videos requires that you write your own scripts (or, at least drafts, because Kim and Tim were very helpful in getting a good finished product), buy your own groceries, get your own tools, do your own set-ups and do your own clean-up.  It’s HARD WORK, people!  And that’s just to get started. 

I’m just thankful to have a couple of professionals working with me who think of things like lighting and continuity and whether or not there is anything in the shot that distracts the viewer.  Never in a million years would I have thought of those things!  And the continuity?  Faggetaboutit!  When the time came to shoot close-ups on the various tools and food I was demonstrating, I could not for the life of me remember how I’d done it just minutes before!  Was my hand hovering above, or was it to the side?  Was the cookbook lying flat or was it propped up.  Was it open to the page on Souffles or Sauces?  Wow!  These guys thought of it all!  And they made me look GOOD.  And let me tell you, at the tender age of 39 (ahem!)  that’s no mean feat!

I had a tremendous sense of accomplishment at the end of five hours, when we’d shot nine separate videos.  And not only that, I’d been educated in the fine art of video communication.  We won’t have the final product for a couple of weeks yet, since there’s editing to be done, but I’m excited to see the finished product.

A couple tips in case you’re considering video in your business:

First, use professionals whenever you can.  If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, check out NW Video Edge.  Tell them I sent you.
They are fantastic and know how it’s gonna play on television.

Second, have as much thought out and planned out as possible.  Who are you targeting?  What do you want to get across?  In my case, I picked the topics most often asked of me by my students and tried to be as general as possible for the first go-round.  Later, I might get more specific. 

And third, DO NOT stick your tongue out in frustration when you don’t get the words right on the ninth take.  You’ll never know what’s going to get included on the gag reel!!


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