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"A Slow-Food Coach for a Microwave Generation"

“Get your PhD in Delicious!”

I am a slow-food cooking coach for the microwave generation.
When you came home from school did the idea of dinner involve at least one item that came out of a box? Did you hear stories about your grandmother’s great turkey or Aunt Helen’s fabulous stew and wish you had the time to learn from them?
Or, have you heard of the slow-food movement? Or, do you know what it is and don’t know how to get on board?
People everywhere are looking for wholesome and tasty local choices for their meals. Whether you prefer a private in-home dinner service, or a fun class with a group of like-minded people, we can help! We can teach you the basics of those great recipes and techniques that were a part of our parents’ and grandparents’ daily meals and make it fun at the same time!
Just a minimum of six people and we can do a class in your home, or you can join us at a commercial kitchen. You are invited to our table…”tutti a tavola a mangiare–Mangia! Che tu fa bene!!”


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